Hello, my name is Laura Elizabeth and I enjoy romantic walks to the fridge.
If you ever see a girl of ~17 years of age, in a pair of royal purple Dr.Martens boots, sitting on the sidewalk and feeding unicorns from a bag of apples -- well, that would be me.
 I'd love to be terribly romantic and serious at times (you know, like the character that constantly pops up in various books and movies; smoke billowing from the end of a slim cigarette, glamorous locks of hair twisting down a silk nightgown, a dreamy gaze lost in the starry night sky,...), but I often get awkwardly excited at things like cute stuffed toys, balloons, cupcakes and funny pictures I constantly dig out from Huge Lol (or some other *facepalm* site ).

PS: Excuse the slight duckface on the picture...  this picture is a memento of a dark period of my life -- obviously full of... duckfaces and stuff.

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